Gold Hill Mesa is located within the School District’s 11 boundaries, and within the catchment area of the highly regarded District 12. Midland Elementary School is the public school for students in kindergarten through 5th grade. West Middle School, in the Old Colorado City area, serves 5th through 8th grade. High School students attend Coronado High School at Mesa Road and Fillmore Street north of Gold Hill Mesa. Many local colleges offer continuing education opportunities including Pikes Peak Community College, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and Colorado College.

Choice in Program

In Colorado you are not bound to the School District you live in. We have the Choice-In Program.

This program allows you to apply to have your child and children attend any school in Colorado Springs. There are certain application windows you need to pay attention to. make sure that you go to the schools website and learn about their application process and certain application window. It may start as early as November and can go until February for the following school year.

“Choicing-in” your child also means that there will be no school bus to take your student to the new school, you will have to provide the rides.

Charter Schools

At this point there are 27 public Charter Schools. Charter schools are publicly funded, but independently operated from the school district. This allows for more freedoms in how teachers teach their classes.


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