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About CoRe

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Susanna Haynie

                                        is the owner of Co-RE Group, LLC dba Colorado Real Estate Group. She is a [retired] military spouse, and mom to 3 children, including one with special needs. She gives back in her time and money in a variety of ways to support and build up those who are part of Colorado Springs and the surrounding region.

Striking Gold

In 2013 Susanna “found” Gold Hill Mesa. She was quickly enamored by the concept of atraditional Neighborhood Development as it reminded her of her village in Germany where she was born and raised.

She quickly established herself in Gold Hill Mesa as the neighborhood expert. Her involvement is not only limited to real estate sales only but she also connects homeowners and prospective tenants as a free service, and volunteers at events in Gold Hill Mesa!

In 2014 Susanna was looking to join a real estate company that stood synonymous with the quality of real estate transactions and care for her clients.

Since she did not find a perfect match she started Co-RE (Colorado Real Estate) Group. Soon after, she was joined by other similarly minded agents. While all agents carry their own real estate transactions, we all agree to support each other when it’s needed. We are a team in our support in order to make sure that the original quest for a positive work environment and the best care of our clients continue! A rare [attitude] gem in real estate industry.

Community Focused

One thing standing out with Co-RE is love for the community of Colorado Springs. It’s not just any community, it’s OUR community. Every team member plays an active role in non-profit organizations to keep Colorado Springs beautiful and a make it an even more wonderful place to live.

For Susanna, and everyone at Co-RE, being a realtor is more than real estate. It is about helping our clients love where you live. In other words, we want to connect our clients with all the information they will need to get settled in a new neighborhood/ community. Whether it is finding the right schools, knowing the best hiking trails, sharing our favorite cafes or coffee shops, or some of our favorite local activities. Ultimately, we understand it is more than a physical home, it about starting a new life. The commitment to great service does NOT end with the signatures at the closing table.

We WANT you to “bother” us with questions about anything Real Estate, Home Maintenance, or Colorado –  as part of your life team!

Gold Hill Mesa is one of our favorite communities. The location, homes, and the entire concept of a Traditional Neighborhood Development make it one of the prime options for home buying.

Since Susanna has been working in here for several years, she has the added benefit of longevity and solid relationships within Gold Hill Mesa. Let Susanna show you around!

Your Expert on the Gold Hill Mesa Community!

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142 S Raven Mine Dr

Colorado Springs, CO 8095

142 S Raven Mine Dr

Colorado Springs,

CO 8095